Lindsay Stegens - The Harrison

Chef Lindsay has had a passion for cooking and the culinary world from a very small age.  She became curious of the culinary world watching and helping her mother cook and watching the food network with her as a small child. Growing up in Los Alamos, New Mexico, she was enveloped in a culinary rich environment surrounded with unique, colorful flavors and robust spices.  From the beginning of Chef Lindsay’s professional life, she had a passion for putting smiles on faces and found out the best way to do so was to please the taste buds and pallets of others.  She knew the culinary field was where she belonged.

Since the age of 14 as a McDonald’s cook, to now the Food Service Director of The Harrison, Chef Lindsay has earned her stripes honestly.  She has worked every position and worked her way to the top from a fast food associate, a server and a line cook to a fry cook, a bartender and a kitchen manager. Her management experience spans from positions such as Front of House Manager and General Manager to Regional Manager over three states and owner. Lindsay has done it all!  Prior to taking the job at The Harrison, she was traveling five days a week and missing out on her home life. She finally decided to land here at The Harrison to be able to stop traveling and stay grounded. Lindsay now calls The Harrison “home” because she loves the residents and the well-being of these wonderful people she helps provide for every day.