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Community Life

Charlotte Square celebrates its residents with regular special activities that bring our community together. We offer a full-time activity/recreation program and outings to local restaurants and shops. Residents, family members and friends can keep track of all of our daily, weekly and monthly happenings, find out how to get involved in our activities, see photos from past events and get the latest news from our community by checking here.

Date: 12/01/2017

It's Just Fun and Games

The residents sharpen their minds with monthly themed memory jogging games like Wuzzle Puzzles, Jeopardy, and It's Trivial. During the month of November, the residents will enjoy Turkey Tail Roll, Gobble Gobble Bingo, and Thanksgiving Jingo. Many answers to these mind stretching exercises lead to bouts of reminiscing. A good time is always had by all.

Date: 12/01/2017

Charlotte Skyline Tour

The Charlotte Square residents line up to catch the activity bus for the annual skyline tour of Uptown Charlotte. Every year native Charlotteans are amazed at the transformation of the Charlotte skyline. The tour includes a guided narrative by the Charlotte transplanted activity director. This year's tour was a great success of great weather and great fellowship. Every seat on the bus was filled.

Date: 12/01/2017

Happy Birthday!

Charlotte Square wishes a very happy December birthday to Terry, Raul, Katherine, Sara, Eli, Claire, Marty, Mary, Josephine, and Faye.

Date: 12/01/2017

Open Invitation

Charlotte Square Cordially Invites "YOU"
to join us for a cup of hot coffee and cookies during the holiday season.
Tours are Available

Please contact Samantha or
call 704-544-4979. We look forward to seeing
you soon.

Posted On: 12/01/2017 - 1:45pm

Charlotte Square Loves the Little Children

Each month during the school year, Charlotte Square welcomes the after school program from Carmel Christian School. During the summer months, the Carmel summer camps visit Charlotte Square every other Wednesday.These students, ages 5-12, sing, tell stories, play board games, and present beautiful handmade gifts to the residents.

Posted On: 12/01/2017 - 12:45pm

Artists at Work

Each month the residents "Cut It Out" and create beautiful door decorations that commemorate the month. During the month of November, the residents cut out and assembled a turkey to hang on their doors. The residents also have jumped on the latest adult relaxation activity of coloring. "Color My World" is a monthly activity using either crayons, colored pencils, or felt markers to create a keepsake work of art.

Posted On: 12/01/2017 - 12:15pm

The Sound of Music

The music programs at Charlotte Square are very popular. Sing Alongs are held each week and feature such genres as childhood, cowboy, folk, and holiday. Each week a volunteer joins us to play the piano and sing hymns. Once a month, the residents gather and "play" sticks or bells as the activity director leads the "orchestra".

Posted On: 12/01/2017 - 10:00am

Weekend Movie Matinees

Residents enjoy weekend movie matinees shown on Saturday and Sunday afternoons in the television community room. Featured each weekend is a contemporary movie along with a classic. Such features have included Still Alice and The Three Faces of Eve. This month the movies, contemporary and classic, will feature holiday favorites such as Elf and Holiday Inn.

Posted On: 12/01/2017 - 10:00am

Scream for Ice Cream

Who doesn't enjoy a big bowl of ice cream? Every Thursday afternoon to end the week, residents gather for an ice cream social. The ice cream flavors vary from week to week, but butter pecan and vanilla are the favorites! Along with ice cream, the activity director entertains the residents while they enjoy their treat. One week may feature "Holy Humor" or "Comic Relief" while another may feature trivia or tongue twisters.