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North Pointe celebrates its residents with special activities, seminars and more throughout the year that bring our community together. We have many opportunities for our residents to have fun and make new friends including our annual car shows, BBQs and resident days. Residents, family members and friends can keep track of all of our daily, weekly and monthly happenings, find out how to get involved in our activities, see photos from past events and get the latest news from our community by checking here.

Date: 04/01/2018

Happy Easter

Easter is the time to rejoice and be
thankful for the gift of life, the love and
joy that has been given to us. North
Pointe Community would like to wish
you and your family a very Happy and
Blessed Easter.

Date: 04/03/2018

Anderson OutReach Entertainers

OutReach Entertainers will be here to
entertain our residents with fun and
lively music.

Date: 04/11/2018

Boulevard Baptist Church Choir

The Boulevard Baptist Church Choir will
be here to bless us in song. So get ready
to sing, clap your hands and stomp your
feet to good music.

Date: 04/19/2018

Jen & Bob

We are excited to get entertained with
an acoustic duo by Jen & Bob. Our
residents love to have entertainment
to come that they can sing along with.

Date: 04/20/2018

Music With Dave & Diana

Our residents love to gather
by the keyboard with Dave and
Diana to sing the fun tunes
some of them grew up on. You
are welcome to join them. They
are always ready to welcome
a new face to sing.


Date: 03/19/2018

Mystery Ride

It's mystery ride time. We get
on the bus and take a ride to enjoy
seeing the nice scenery. Our residents
never know where they may end up
riding to.

Date: 03/09/2018

Out to lunch for pizza

We been stuck inside due to the
weather, so we are going on a trip
for pizza. Our residents love to go
out to eat, so what better way to
start off the nicer weather right.

Date: 03/08/2018

Podiatrist Visit

Dr. Adam Biglin, our podiatrist, will be
here to clip the residents toes and check
out their feet. We always make sure all
residents that need to be treated are seen
by our podiatrist.

Date: 02/12/2018

Sock Hop

We will be having a sock hop for
the residents. We will have fun
with music and lots of dancing.

Date: 01/22/2018

Music with Captain Jack

Captain Jack will be here to
entertain us with music
with his keyboard. Our
residents love to sing
along with Captain Jack.


Posted On: 03/14/2018 - 10:30am

Helping our Community

The Activities Group filled over 1500
Easter eggs for an Easter Egg hunt for
children in a lower income area. The
enthusiasm of the residents was
overwhelming, and they worked like
busy little bees completing the task in a
little over 2 hours. We are blessed to
have such a wonderful group
of residents.

Posted On: 10/31/2017 - 10:30am

The Playhouse Pre-School Trick or Treat

Thanks to all the children that came
out for singing and trick-or-treating
here at North Pointe with all of our

Posted On: 10/31/2017 - 2:00am

Halloween Costume Contest & Party

Thanks to everyone that participated
in our Halloween Costume Contest.
Everyone had a lot of fun in their
costumes. We would also like to
thank all of the family members
that came to participate. It is always
a blessing to have family join their loved
ones here at our Community.

Posted On: 09/14/2017 - 6:00pm

Resident and Family Cookout

Thanks to all the families that came
out to join us for our Resident and
Family Cookout. We had the biggest
crowd we have ever had. Thank you
for making sure our residents had a
great time.

Posted On: 09/10/2017 - 6:00pm

Square Dancing

Our residents had a really great
time being entertained by the
Pacesetters with their square dancing.