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Community Life

The Good Place celebrates its residents with special activities, seminars and more throughout the year that bring our community together. With a full-time activities director on site, there are always programs and events happening at Good Place. Residents, family members and friends can keep track of all of our daily, weekly and monthly happenings, find out how to get involved in our activities, see photos from past events and get the latest news from our community by checking here.

Date: 11/26/2019

Location: Front Lobby

Word Game

Every Tuesday and Thursday, we play the word game. This is where we make smaller words out of One big word. Really makes us put our brains to work.

Date: 11/21/2019
Location: Front Lobby

Civil War Presentation

We had the pleasure of having Bruce come and give a very knowledgeable presentation on the Civil War. The residents were fully interested and even learned a few things.

Date: 11/21/2019
Location: Lobby

NRH Singers

NRH Singers came and performed. We enjoyed listening and singing along to some great hymns.

Date: 11/14/2019
Location: The Good Place

Dancin' & Groovin'!

One of the favorites here at The Good Place is entertainer, Craig Murphy. The residents not only enjoy listening to him sing, they just HAD to get up and dance!

Date: 10/15/2019

Location: Entertainment Room

The Burnett Duo

We had the pleasure of listening to The Burnett Duo sing, while playing the guitar and the harmonica. The residents really enjoyed their spunky energy.