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Capital Senior Living Offers Rewarding Careers and a Rich Workplace Culture

At Capital Senior Living, we’re committed to providing our employees with rewarding career paths and a desirable work environment. We know that without our employees, we wouldn’t be able to provide the quality care that makes us such a comprehensive senior living choice. That’s why we’re committed to continuously developing a welcoming workplace culture that rewards our employees for their thoughtfulness, dedication and diligence.

We offer Independent Living, Assisted Living and Memory Care services at more than 115 senior living communities across the United States. Our ultimate goal is to enrich the daily lives of our residents by providing an environment that is physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally fulfilling. We also offer a variety of recreation and entertainment programming at all communities, which means seniors can make new memories and create lasting bonds with their fellow residents.

To be a member of the Capital Senior Living family, you must have a heart for seniors and dedication to providing great customer service. Those qualities set us apart from other senior living providers, and we take that fact quite seriously. That is why we believe in hiring the very best talent — people who have a natural serving heart and commitment to providing the best service. Team members are eager to exceed expectations in everything they do, which translates into happy residents!

From executive directors, wellness directors, RNs and CNAs to resident assistants, activity staff and food service managers, our employees who work with residents on a daily basis have one common goal: to offer the best care and services possible. That positivity and enthusiasm bubbles up from the community level to the executive team, who is committed to providing quality housing and services in geographically concentrated regions all around the country. More than 15,000 residents are served by a Capital Senior Living employee. That says a lot about who we are and what we stand for!

Whether you’re looking for an administrative position, a sales role or anything in between, we are committed to solid core values that include:

  • We believe in the dignity of individuals and advocate their physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Our employees work tirelessly to provide our residents with the services they need and the support they desire. We believe that a warm smile and a gentle hand can go a long way, and our employees know the importance of providing services with positivity and discretion. So whether a resident needs standby shower assistance or help with dressing and grooming, our care providers are committed to exceeding seniors’ needs and helping them maintain their poise and self-esteem.
  • We are committed to adhering to sound business principles that provide a suitable environment for our residents and employees. We hold each and every one of our employees to the highest standard, from entry-level personnel to our executive management team. We believe that honesty, integrity and strong values should start at the top of the organization, which is why we pride ourselves on conducting business as ethically and transparently as possible.
  • We are committed to hiring and retaining the right employees and their continued growth. We believe that our employees are our strongest asset, which is why we’re so invested in their futures. When we hire an employee – whether they’re a receptionist or a high-level executive – we consider them a partner in our business, and we’ll do everything in our power to further develop their skill set. For a real-life example of a Capital Senior Living employee who worked her way through the ranks, read this testimonial from Ashley W., now a sales director at The Woodlands of Columbus in Columbus, Ohio.
  • We are committed to being active locally and nationally in industry organizations. We believe that the moment a business stops looking for ways to improve, they cease to be relevant. We’re always on the lookout for learning opportunities. That’s why we actively participate in a variety of industry organizations, locally and at the national level. We expect our employees to adapt and change with the times – why shouldn’t we expect the same of our leadership?

Career Paths at Capital Senior Living

If you have a natural serving heart, a positive attitude and a passion for providing compassionate senior care, consider looking for a career at Capital Senior Living!

Whether you have several years of experience in the senior living industry or you’re just starting out in this growing field, know that when you join the Capital Senior Living family, you’ll be a valued employee that makes a difference in residents’ lives each and every day. For an inside look at how much we care about our employees’ happiness and career development, check out these in-depth employee testimonials.

Capital Senior Living provides a breadth of opportunities including:

  • Executive Director
  • Wellness Director
  • Director of Nursing
  • RN and CAN
  • Certified Medication Aide
  • Resident Assistants
  • Activity Staff
  • Drivers
  • Sales Directors
  • Office Managers
  • Receptionists
  • Food Services/Dietary Staff
  • Housekeeping Staff
  • Maintenance Staff

Discover a friendly workplace culture, competitive salary and benefits, and unlimited upward mobility. Learn more about working at Capital Senior Living today!

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