David Simmonds, Alvaro Genovesi and Kostas Vlachogiannis - Spring Meadows Trumbull

Chef David Simmonds along with Chef Alvaro Genovesi and Chef Kostas Vlachogiannis dazzle the residents of Spring Meadows Trumbull with a 4 star dining experience.  David and his team believe that it is the special “extras” and efforts that they put into the culinary program that make it so successful.

Our residents enjoy cuisine from all 4 corners of the world, table side creations, ice sculptures during the holiday seasons and indulgent pastries and desserts. David is American born but Alvaro was born and raised in Italy and Kostas was born and raised in Greece; when the 3 chefs marry their recipes and traditions the result is artfully plated  traditional dishes with modern flare.  “Mise en Place” simply translated means “putting in place” but when all three chef’s get together to plan menus they literally lay out all of the possible ingredients, suggest different methods of preparation and presentation and Voilà! a gastronomic delight is created. 

Chef David has participated in numerous culinary competitions winning best in “Grand Classical Buffets” in both Connecticut and New York State. In addition to savory, David is a master of sweet; he is a master pastry chef and has taken prizes in competitions for best baked bread and most artistic pastry. David has spent 30 years of working in country inn’s, hotels, restaurants and corporate dining, but he says the past 11 years at Spring Meadows have been the most invigorating of his career.

Chef Alvaro teaches our Culinary Concoctions class weekly and demonstrates some of his signature dishes such as creamy Mushroom Risotto, Steak Pizzaiola, and zesty cold Seafood Del Mar.

Chef Kostas warms our hearts and fills our stomachs with Greek comfort foods, Mossaka, Spinach and Phyllo and Lamb Gyros.  Kostas tends to the resident garden where he assists residents in growing herbs and vegetables and our newest addition, a fig tree!

3 creative Chefs, fresh ingredients, imagination and creativity is our recipe for success!