De-Stress And Self-Express! Celebrate National Craft Month With These 5 Ideas

American author Henry David Thoreau once mused that “this world is but a canvas to our imagination.”

Thoreau, who famously retreated into the wilderness for more than two years to write his magnum opus, Walden, is something of an authority on imagination and creativity. His books, poetry and essays total over 20 volumes. However, you need not move to the woods and adopt a primitive lifestyle to set loose your imagination. In fact, you can be artistic without even stepping foot outside your Capital Senior Living apartment communities.

In honor of National Craft Month, which takes place during March, we’re encouraging all of our residents to embrace their creative side. Participating in arts and crafts is not only enjoyable for many senior citizens but it can also be therapeutic. That’s why so many of our communities — from Villa Santa Barbara in Santa Barbara, California and Whitley Place in the Fort Worth suburb of Keller, Texas to The Montclair in Springfield, Missouri and Veranda Club in sunny Boca Raton, Florida — boast dedicated arts and crafts areas for our residents. Whether working in a group or crafting on your own, the end product could become a gift for a friend or loved one.

According to the American Art Therapy Association, crafting can promote awareness and self-expression, relieve anxiety and help seniors cope with confusion and cognitive impairments. It also encourages seniors to develop friendships by bringing together residents who may not interact. Working on a project — be it knitting, sewing, sculpting, drawing or taking photos — is an ideal way to pass time if a resident lives alone or is feeling lonely.

Because craft projects are available in varying degrees of difficulty, all of our residents – whether they’re in Independent Living, Assisted Living or Memory Care – are able to partake.

There are thousands of craft ideas and tutorials available online, and your local library might also be a great resource. In the meantime, here are five projects to get you started.

  1. Wreaths aren’t just for the holidays! Whether you prefer to adorn your door with colorful paper, Christmas ornaments or gift bows, a homemade wreath will spruce up any entryway.
  2. Make your doorway stand out with one of these festive hanging flower baskets. If you’re feeling especially friendly, you can surprise a neighbor by hanging one on his or her doorknob, too!
  3. Need some carnations or roses for your flower basket? Make your own! Bonus: These don’t require any watering. These flowers take a bit of skill and patience to make – a perfect project for Independent Living residents.
  4. If you have a bunch of old buttons lying around, turn them into art! Spare buttons can be used to decorate handmade greeting cards.
  5. Use foam stickers and bottle caps to create a set of stamps, then use them to decorate letters, envelopes or scrapbook pages. This is a simpler project ideal for Memory Care residents.

Don’t have supplies? No worries. Many of our communities across the United States offer scheduled courtesy transportation that can take residents to local craft or big-box stores to pick up paper, buttons, glue, stickers, stamps, etc. Our dedicated team of professionals are always on hand, too, to offer any assistance.

Contact us today to learn about the services and benefits offered at Capital Senior Living communities near you. Go forth and create!


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