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Diana Jackson - The Waterford at Creekside

Diana Jackson grew up in a home with 12 people - her parents, five sisters and four brothers along with herself.  Her mother always prepared big meals for the family, and Diana would watch her. Everything she prepared was made from scratch with her own recipes. So, at the age of 12, Diana would imagine how a cookie should taste and create her own recipe for that cookie.  Of course, her siblings were her taste testers. So as time passed, they would ask her to make more and expand on her recipes. To this day, if she is trying something for the first time, she still imagines how it should taste. In saying that, she thanks her mother and siblings for saying they like her cooking!  Now, she cooks for a living and says: "I love what I do, and I like passing along to others what I have learned through my experiences." 

Diana originally started at The Waterford at Carpenter's Creek, a sister community to The Waterford at Creekside, and was promoted to the Food Service Director position when Creekside opened 20 years ago!  If you ask everyone what her signature dish is, you will hear a unanimous "chicken salad!”  She also works Thanksgiving and Christmas every year to personally oversee lunch and make sure everything is perfect for our residents and their families who join them on these special holidays. 

Mindy Myers, Executive Director, states: "I know I never have to worry about any inspections for the kitchen.  Inspectors are always extremely complimentary of the cleanliness and organization of our kitchen.  This exemplifies the high standard Diana sets for herself and her staff.  I am truly blessed to have her at Creekside.”