Helping a Loved One Move to a Senior Living Community? Five Tips for a Smoother Transition

Transitioning to a senior living community is a major life decision that, for many, is accompanied by a great deal of uncertainty. What are all the necessities that Mom will need in her new home? Will Dad be able to keep up his exercise routine after he moves? What can be done to make our loved one’s new home feel as cozy and welcoming as possible? The list of questions goes on.

Whether your loved one has chosen an Independent Living, Assisted Living or Memory Care community within the Capital Senior Living family, we pride ourselves on making our residents feel at ease and cared for during – and after – the big move. Our caring and professional staff will always provide a helping hand for residents who may appreciate assistance with activities of daily living. You can be assured that Capital Senior Living provides the quality care that will allow loved ones to remain as self-reliant as possible while living in a supportive environment.

Over the years, we’ve discovered a few tips that tend to make the process as smooth as possible for seniors and their family members alike. As you and your loved one prepare for this important transition, keep these five guidelines in mind, and know that our community teams are available over the phone and in person to offer additional insight!

  1. Maintain an open line of communication with staff members and care providers.

Our goal is to make this transition a smooth and positive experience for you and your loved one.  No one knows your family member as well as you do, so it’s essential that you communicate with staff members regarding your loved one’s needs, preferences and routine. We’ll work to meet their needs so that your loved one can maintain his or her unique lifestyle at the community they’ve chosen!

  1. Research local activities and attractions as well as on-site community events.

This tip is especially useful if your loved one is moving to a brand-new area. However, even if they aren’t, take some time to learn about local things to do. If your family member is an avid walker or nature enthusiast, take note of local parks and walking paths. If they enjoy shopping, be sure to get information about nearby shopping malls and markets. Many of our communities offer scheduled courtesy transportation that could get your loved one to and from. Additionally, check online to see what recreation and entertainment programming is available at their community. Several Capital Senior Living communities offer an array of stimulating on-site activities, including cooking classes, arts and crafts sessions, happy hours and exercise programs!

  1. Purchase or make a calendar that your loved one can use to keep up with appointments.

Moving to a new home is a big life adjustment. Alleviate any stress that might accompany this change by creating an easy-to-read calendar that clearly notes your loved one’s medical appointments, social activities and family visits. This will help residents develop a sense of routine and normalcy in their new surroundings. Be sure to write important phone numbers on the calendar as well – this way, your loved one can easily get ahold of you without having to rifle through stacks of paperwork or comb through their phone history.

  1. Take some time to gather a few mementos that will brighten your loved one’s new apartment.

The last thing you want is to clutter up your family member’s new home with piles of photos and collectibles, but choosing a few items of importance to display is a great way to add personality and cheer to their apartment. Print and frame a handful of photos that are significant to your loved one, and set them up as soon as they move in. If Mom or Dad is more connected to music than images, make them a playlist that they can listen to as they get their new home in order. Small touches like this will go a long way in making seniors feel comfortable in an unfamiliar environment.

  1. Make a checklist of everything your loved one will need in their new home.

When it comes to transitioning to a senior living community, we recommend leaving nothing to memory or chance. Put together a categorized checklist of everything your family member will need, from clothing to linens to cleaning supplies. Don’t be afraid to add a few indulgences, either. If your loved one can’t survive without a certain brand of soda or particular flavor of potato chip, just add it to the list! Your checklist will vary depending on your family member’s style and needs, but this Assisted Living Packing List is a great jumping-off point.

No matter where you and your loved one are in the process of transitioning, Capital Senior Living is here to make the journey with you. Reach out to us today to find a community that meets your needs. Remember that we offer a relaxed atmosphere of warmth and caring that promotes companionship among residents and staff.


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