Jerry at The Waterford at Fitchburg

Chef Jerry, at The Waterford at Fitchburg, has been in the restaurant business for 50 years and has been cooking professionally for 40 years.  He began his career at just nine years old as a dishwasher and has remained in the business since then.

After college, Jerry attended culinary school and met the right people that have helped him become an authority on food preparation. With a learning process that is sought after by many up-and-coming chefs, Chef Jerry has held many important positions throughout his career including Sous Chef, Banquet Chef, five positions as Executive Chef and most recently, Food Service Director.  He has prepared meals for dignitaries from the United States and other countries and T.V. appearances and front page newspaper accolades have followed his many great experiences.  “The best experience I have had in my career was being the Vice President of Chefs de Cuisine Association of Chicago, which is an organization of the top 400 chefs in Chicago.”

As his career progressed, Jerry led food service operations in four hospitals and two assisted living communities prior to joining The Waterford at Fitchburg.  “I found a home here and enjoy watching people smile after a great meal.”

Chef Jerry has competed in many culinary shows, winning awards and medals across the country. He was nominated by his peers at one point to host the Board of Directors of the World Association of Chefs and Cooks Society.  He has been featured in many industry related magazines and earned a gold medal at Louisiana American Culinary Federation National Convention. At one point, Jerry was named one of the top 12 chefs in the country based on innovative bills of fare by Restaurant and Intuitions Magazine.

Jerry is married and has three children and enjoys pastoring a small church in his free time.  “I live in Barbaroo, WI and drive 100 miles a day to come and enjoy what I do and please all of my friends at The Waterford at Fitchburg. It’s well worth it.”  The community feels fortunate to have Chef Jerry, his commitment to his profession and his vast culinary experience.