Linda Hofer - The Waterford at Ames

Chef Linda Hofer has been a culinary wizard for a better part of 40 years and still states “My best years are ahead of me, as I continue to learn and grow in my art.” She joined the management team at The Waterford at Ames almost two years ago and has completely transformed the dining experience by creating brilliant culinary masterpieces day in and day out.

Being the oldest child in a family of six, you could say Chef Hofer started what would become her career in creating delicious meals for her family. Now a mother of four daughters and a grandmother to five, the cooking never ends.  Chef Linda remarked that, “Passing along my culinary skills to my family is my passion.”

Chef Hofer embarked on her career studying and preparing desserts at the Academia Culinarian Arts School in Montreal, Canada. This is where she built a foundation of the brilliance she has become synonymously known for today. She has also studied under some of the area’s top Chefs and her experience ranges from intimate dinners for two, wedding receptions, hog roasts, business luncheons, as well as 800-1000 guests parties.  Chef Hofer was recognized for many culinary awards and has reached national recognition with a dish she created from scratch outrivaling in creativity, taste, and presentation.

It goes without saying that The Waterford at Ames has struck gold in the kitchen as Chef Hofer’s leadership is the reason our senior dining experience is scoring a 100% satisfaction by residents. Chef Hofer was quoted as saying “I love being part of the Waterford Family. It is the most rewarding position I have held.  The people I work with are wonderful and I couldn’t ask for a better management team.” Chef Hofer continued on to say “I look forward to coming to work every day and using my skills to make the residents joyful and gratified,  the best part of my job is going out to the dining room after meals and visiting with the residents, especially after I have tried something new on the menu.  I love getting their input, it inspires me to create it exactly the way they were used to having it.” 

One of her favorite dishes to create for our residents is a turkey filo with rosemary roasted potatoes, asparagus tips, homemade tomato basil soup and crème brulee for dessert.

Chef Hofer leaves us all wondering in amazement what will the future will hold. Our community would not be the same without Chef Hofer’s charisma, brightness and culinary genius she contributes every day. Chef Hofer inspires those around her and her team has really grown with her guidance in making our dining experience bar none the best in Ames!