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Senior woman sitting on couch with tablet

Life Made Easier: Everyday Products for Independent Seniors

Whether arthritis and sore joints make it difficult to open jars or you need a more accurate way to track blood pressure, a variety of products on the market can make life a lot easier for an independent senior. Various gadgets — some high tech and others pretty simple — are or should become a necessity for any loved one in Independent Living, Assisted Living or Memory Care.

Here are just a few of the many items that can help you or your senior loved one maintain independence and make day-to-day life a bit more relaxed.

Day to Day

From entering your home to fixing something in the kitchen, your daily routine should be easy and effortless. However, things that used to be simple may now require additional help. While it’s perfectly acceptable to seek assistance, you might also try:

  • Automatic Jar/Can Opener: Traditional can openers and rubber jar openers are helpful tools but can still require effort. Ditch the elbow grease and opt into getting an automatic jar opener and can opener. Each designed to open a respective container, these automatic tools are easy to use and make cooking in the kitchen a little less stressful.
  • Swivel Seat Cushion: Whether in the car or at home, a swivel seat cushion provides comfort and easy accessibility. Effortlessly get out of a car or move in your chair without straining your hip with this comfortable and convenient cushion.  
  • Reacher Grabber: Items are never that far out of reach with a Reacher Grabber. From grocery items that are just a little too high on a shelf to food that’s rolled under the couch, this product is a helpful tool for Independent Living situations. There are multiple types of Reacher Grabbers, so be sure to research each product before purchasing.        
  • Key Turner: Designed for seniors struggling with arthritis and joint pains, a key turner provides additional leverage, making locking and unlocking doors effortless. Select key turners can hold multiple keys and are often more useful than a keyring. 

High-Tech and Low-Tech Gadgets

You don’t have to be an expert on the latest technological advancements to enjoy the modern marvels of our time. Simple gadgets have made cumbersome tasks, such as vacuuming, a whole easier. From reminders on when to take your medicine to a more convenient way to measure blood pressure, these items can help extend your independence.

  • Automatic Robotic Vacuum: Although jarring at first, a robotic vacuum can help lessen the need for the thankless chore. Robotic vacuums today are just as powerful as traditional vacuums and are autonomous, meaning they’ll clean your floors and carpets with little to no interaction from you. Let this friendly and cute robot clean your place as you enjoy the rest of your day. 
  • Qardio Arm: The concept of a blood pressure monitor is simple. But with the introduction of smart phones and advancements in technology, the blood pressure monitor has entered the 21st century. Qardio Arm is a simple-to-use blood pressure monitor that connects to your smart phone or tablet. The device can retrieve your blood pressure, present it to you with easy-to-understand graphics and share the information with loved ones and doctors.
  • Auto Pill Dispenser: Built with active reminders and time locks, automatic pill dispensers can help seniors remember when to take medications while preventing unforeseen accidents. The dispenser also doubles as an organizer and sets up your medications for 28 days. Select dispensers include additional alarms such as lights.
  • Tablet: Whether technically savvy or technically curious, a tablet is a great tool for seniors. From an iPad to a grandPad, tablets can connect you or your senior to the World Wide Web. After a necessary tutorial, seniors will soon be able to connect and video chat with friends and family, play their favorite music and watch their favorite movies in the palm of their hands.

Security and Safety

Ensure your senior loved one can easily navigate a room and create a little extra peace of mind with:

  • Cane/Seat Combination: The independent senior can easily navigate a location and always find a seat with this convenient and easy tool. These types of canes can conveniently turn into a chair, making it easy to sit no matter the occasion. The specialized cane works effectively as both a cane and a seat, making it an ideal product for those who have trouble walking or standing for long periods of time.
  • Medical Alert system: Although we live in the modern age of smartphones, it’s important to have a backup in the event of an emergency. Designed to be worn on the senior, this device immediately contacts emergency services at the push of a button. There are multiple medical alert systems to choose from, so be sure to look at the various costs and benefits to determine the right alert system for you or your independent senior.
  • Shower Mats and Shower Seats: Although a common item, shower mats and seats can often be overlooked. Both items can make the morning routine easier for aging adults and can even make the process more efficient. See how your current shower system is set up to determine the best options for you.
  • Wall Handles and Hand Holds: Although often pre-installed in our senior living communities, handholds and wall handles can make your life a lot more effortless. Whether in the bathroom or by the front door, hand holds along the walls of your apartment home can help prevent falls and accidents before they occur.

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