Special Assisted Living Week Is Music to Capital Senior Living Communities

Can you hear it now? The magic of music is wafting through the halls of Capital Senior Living communities across the country as National Assisted Living Week (Sept. 7-13, 2014) is in full swing.

The week, established by the National Center For Assisted Living in 1995, celebrates staff and volunteers who provide personal care services to seniors who deserve and desire independence but need just a little extra help with the daily duties of life. The seven special days also allow families of Capital Senior Living residents to re-engage with their loved ones and re-commit to staying involved in their lives on a more regular basis. This year’s theme is “The Magic of Music” and is centered on music, something that brings all walks of life together in a way that creates memories and evokes smiles — and sometimes some rhythmic shimmies and shakes — for everyone listening.

Remember the song playing on the radio when you had your first date? Catch yourself humming the tune to one of your favorite old TV shows? That’s the power of music!

While this designated week showcases the integral role that music plays in all of our lives, our Capital Senior Living communities infuse tunes into their day-to-day operations and services. Whether sweating to the oldies for exercise classes at The Residence of Chardon in Chardon, Ohio, enjoying a special onsite performance by a local musician at Spring Meadows Libertyville in Libertyville, Illinois, or actually participating in an instrumental group at Azalea Trails in Tyler, Texas, music brings our residents together and provides a cozy, welcoming atmosphere.

Music doesn’t have to be just for entertainment or exercises purposes, either. It also can be therapeutic. Residents with Alzheimer’s, dementia or other memory loss disorders who are in our Assisted Living and Memory Care communities especially appreciate the soothing effect of music. Research has shown that music triggers memories from days past and can invigorate residents while encouraging them to converse, socialize and stay present more often.

Our goal at every Capital Senior Living community is to enrich the lives of our residents by providing an environment that is physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally stimulating — and that includes the use of music.

The privilege of operating a trusted Assisted Living community is something we don’t take for granted at Capital Senior Living. That’s why we always provide 24-hour staffing and access to care while providing our residents with the many freedoms they crave. Our dedicated and professional staff members are trained to perform comprehensive evaluations so residents get the care they need and only pay for the services they require. Whether it’s medication reminders, special nutrition counseling or escort and transfer assistance, our services vary from resident to resident and community to community. Our caring team also can provide transportation to medical appointments and assistance with housekeeping.

To learn more about the Assisted Living services that our communities provide, please visit our Senior Living Options page. 

Source: National Center For Assisted Living

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