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The health and wellness of seniors is a critical component of vibrant living. On this page you will find articles from trusted sources on topics such as nutrition, the benefits of physical, social and mental activities, and living your best life while dealing with some of the health issues common to seniors.

Senior nutrition: Feeding the body, mind and soul

You’ve heard it all before: Loved ones constantly reminding, stressing and even insisting that you should be eating healthier.  And, until moving into a Capital Senior Living community, you might have chosen to selectively tune out those messages and instead go for the foods you most craved at the moment.

Managing Diabetes for Senior Citizens

We are all aging. It’s a simple, yet sometimes frustrating fact of life. So when frequent trips to the restroom, excessive thirst, weight loss or blurred vision begin to impede living, they potentially could be written off as just another factor in the aging process. But they could be symptoms of diabetes.

Emotional and Mental Vitality

Let’s face it: Most of us won’t be signing up to run a marathon or participate in a triathlon any time soon. The older we get, the less likely our bodies are to handle some of the physical activity we could do as a youngster or young adult. But don’t let that get you down. Replace the “lost” activity with something else that combines social and physical exertion.

Senior Fall Prevention and Making your Home Safe

Do you remember the first time you fell off a bike and skinned your knee? How about the time when you fell out of a tree house or off a swing and broke an arm or leg? These common bumps and bruises probably didn’t change your life dramatically. But now, a fall of any kind could be detrimental to your health.

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